First Steps
Department:   Parent Education Program, Women's Ambulatory Services
Description: First Steps is a volunteer program offered by the Women's Health Ambulatory Service to first-time parents delivering at Hartford Hospital. The First Steps program provides...
  • Personal Support for new families
  • Reinforcement of skills/strengths needed for quality parenting.
  • Facilitation of emotional preparation for parenthood.
  • Increased awareness of community resources.
  • Reduced isolation of new families, therefore working towards the prevention of child abuse and neglect.
  • Identification of families with potential risks for problems parenting with early referral to services.
  • Link to the HUSKY program (healthcare for uninsured children in Connecticut)
Hartford Hospital     map
80 Seymour Street
PO Box 5037
Hartford, CT    06102-5037
Registration: Required.
Women's Health Ambulatory Services
Phone: (860) 545-2780

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