Beyond advanced - transplant surgery.

Transplanting an organ from one person to another requires a level of expertise few hospitals possess. Hartford Hospital has been performing transplants for over 40 years and performs more heart transplants than any other hospital in the state.

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New Hope for Heart Failure
Hartford Hospital’s new infusion center is changing the way patients live with heart disease. The state-of-the-art outpatient treatment facility is dedicated to caring for patients with advanced-stage heart failure. Intravenous administration of medications-medications rapidly improves symptoms. (more)  

Expertise and Tradition
Our goal at the Hartford Hospital Transplant Program is to provide the highest quality of patient-centered care in a community setting. Our multidisciplinary approach to patient care utilizes the enormous talents and resources of a broad team. Our physicians, coordinators and nursing staff are all highly trained individuals with many years of experience in the transplant field providing pre-operative, peri-operative and post-transplant care. (more)
Hartford Hospital is proud to be associated with some of Connecticut’s top transplant specialists. (more)
In November 1984, the first successful heart transplant operation in Connecticut was performed at Hartford Hospital and the program continues to have results at or above national standards. (more)
Our kidney transplant program, started in 1971, is one of the oldest in New England and has a long history of successful kidney transplantation. (more)

At the Hartford Hospital Transplant Program we performed our first liver transplant operation in 1984. (more)