The following booklets and information (pdf format) may be helpful to transplant patients and their families. Each of these documents may take a few seconds to download.

Patient Guide to Surgery Patient Guide to Surgery
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Is it the Flu, or Just a Cold?

The following brochures have been prepared by the International Transplant Nurses Society:

Heart Transplant Patient Education Booklet
Controlling GI Side Effects After Transplant:
What Every Patient Should Know
Diet and Exercise after Transplant
Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle After Transplantation
Post-Transplant Diabetes: What Every Patient Needs To Know
Pregnancy and Parenthood after Transplant:
What You Should Know
Skin Cancer Risks in Transplant Recipients: Know the Facts
What Every Transplant Patient Needs To Know About Dental Care
These booklets are sponsored by Astellas Pharma US Inc. and Novartis. Skin Cancer Risk brochure sponsored by AT-RISC Alliance