The Hartford Hospital Transplant Program performed its first Liver Transplant operation in November, 1984.

"I am a 10-year survivor of a liver transplant at Hartford Hospital's Liver Transplant Program. I had enjoyed good health and traveled in many countries in Europe and Asia until three years ago when my kidney function started deteriorating. I am now on kidney dialysis and have applied for a kidney transplant at Hartford Hospital's Kidney Transplant Program. Nevertheless, my liver is still functioning well. I appreciated Hartford Hospital's Liver Transplant Program for everything they have done for me."

- Liver Transplant Patient

The goal of the Hartford Hospital Liver Transplantation Program is to restore patients with advanced liver disease to their optimum level of health and to return them to a productive life. It is very important for patients and families to be well informed about the relative risks and benefits of liver transplantation. Patient education is, therefore, an integral part of the program.

Patient education is an ongoing process centered on the multifaceted needs of the transplant patient and family. The focus is placed on adequate preparation of the patient for effective and confident management of their individual health maintenance program. The pre-operative and post-operative aspects of care, the long-term follow-up, and the support services and resources available for the patient are reviewed and reinforced throughout the process. Patient preferences, values, and needs are respected and supported through their involvement in decision-making and issues involving their plan of care. Individualized patient support is provided on a continuum, allowing needs to be met effectively at all stages of care.

Our Transplant Program values cohesive and collaborative teamwork, ensuring high quality patient-centered care. Most transplant candidates are referred to the program by their gastroenterologist or hepatologist.