Jonathan A. Hammond, MD, surgical director of the Cardiac Transplant program (left) with James E. Dougherty, MD,  the program's medical director

The Hartford Hospital Transplant Program began in 1971 with the first kidney transplant in Connecticut. In the early 1980’s, the cardiac program evolved and in November 1984, the first successful heart transplant operation was performed in Connecticut at Hartford Hospital.

The Heart Transplant program was founded and developed by Dr. Henry B.C. Low. The center is under the direction of Dr. Patricia Sheiner, Director of Transplant Services; Dr. Jonathan A. Hammond, Surgical Director; and Dr. James E. Dougherty, Medical Director.

The program has grown tremendously over the years. It is Medicare certified and continues to have results at or above national standards. In addition, the Heart Transplant Program has a full left ventricular assist device capability and implantable heart mate capability as a bridge to transplantation.

Most transplant candidates are referred from Western Massachusetts, New York and Connecticut by their primary care physician or local cardiologist. Many also enter at their own initiative.