First and only Organ Bank in Connecticut; First Hartford Hospital Histocompatability Lab; First Hartford Hospital Preservation Lab
First Hartford Hospital Research Lab
Mar. 25, 1971
First kidney transplant with a living related donor
Mar. 16, 1972
First adult deceased donor kidney transplant
Dec. 28, 1972
First pediatric living-related kidney transplant
Jul. 10, 1973
First pediatric deceased donor kidney transplant
Jul. 3, 1984
First pre-emptive renal transplant
Aug. 20, 1984
First Liver Transplant Pediatric recipient
Sep. 23, 1984
First adult liver transplant
Nov. 21, 1984
First heart transplant
Feb. 20, 1988
First combined liver-kidney transplant
Feb. 2, 1990
First simultaneous kidney and pancreas transplant
During 1994
First mechanical heart bridge to heart transplant
Jun. 28, 1995
First introperative liver ultrasound with cryosurgical ablation of liver cancer
First laparoscopic live kidney donation in New England
Jun. 4, 1997
First laporascopic closed live kidney donor nephrectomy
Sep. 2, 1997
First cryosurgery ablation of liver cancer from cirrhosis as bridge to liver transplant
Nov. 10, 1998
First laporascopic hand assisted live kidney donor nephrectomy
Mar. 3, 2000
First Good Samaritan living donor as hand assisted laporascopic procedure