Data Management

Database design, development, and support, including security, maintenance, and backup.

  • Application design, development, and support for research specific studies (desktop MSAccess, Excel, or SQL server based).
  • Application design, development, and support for departmental registries.
  • Conformation to HIPPA requirements.
  • Data cleaning.
  • Data retrieval.

Data Warehousing

  • Direct ADT (admission/transfer/discharge data) feed from SMS.
  • Data parsing to capture relevant fields.
  • Query development to capture relevant populations to fill database.
  • Exploring the warehousing of Lab and Medication information.

Re-engineering of MS Access/SQL/Excel application to conform to a normalized  relational database design


  • Exploratory analysis using SQL, Access, Excel.
  • Function/Class development.
  • Customized data capture to SPSS, Excel.
  • Syntax development to recode, compute, and define variables.
  • Custom report design with statistical results for univariate and multivariate analysis.


  • Assistance and technical support for online form submissions

Jeff Mather, Director of Data Management
Group manager, database developer, data extraction, statistical analysis.
(860) 972-3560

Gil Fortunato, Business Systems Analyst
SQL server administration and database developer, data warehousing (maintenance of data feeds), data cleaning, data extraction.
(860) 972-3194

Juan Gonzalez, Business Systems Analyst
Departmental IS technician, database developer, maintenance of departmental database/systems.
(860) 972-4474

Steve Wilcox, Business Systems Analyst
Application design and development, Data Mapping, Process Analysis, System Integration and Conversion.
(860) 972-6056

Joseph Tortora, Clinical Systems Analyst
Database developer, departmental website, exploratory analysis, Sharepoint development.
(860) 972-3446

Research Technical Support (iRIS)
(860) 972-5621

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