Patient Safety & Quality 
High Standards with Continuous Innovation & Improvement

Quality is at the Core of Our Mission
Hartford Hospital is proud to be among the highest-quality hospitals in the United States. Top-quality healthcare and patient safety are central to everything we do at Hartford Hospital. Part of our mission is that "quality and safety of care are a constant" - that means adhering to evidence-based standards of care and always putting patient safety first.

Performance Measures
Hartford Hospital is dedicated to providing patients and healthcare providers with up-to-date information on our performance, as measured by process-of-care benchmarks established for hospitals nationwide by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). (more) 

Quality and Safety Improvement Efforts
Hartford Hospital has initiated multiple quality-improvement efforts with the goal of improving patient safety and medical outcomes as we provide compassionate, appropriate and efficient care. (more) 

Quality Resources for Patients and Families
Hartford Hospital joins with other hospitals across the U.S. in efforts to improve performance. We provide links to some of the organizations that require or encourage patient safety and quality efforts. (more)

Read the latest PSAG Newsletter
PSAG is a multidisciplinary team that meets daily to tackle and monitor patient safety and quality issues across the organization. You can keep up with this group's activities by reading the weekly PSAG Newsletter. You can also perform a word search or select a specific issue in order to find articles of interest. (more)