The Chapel lobbyOur interfaith Pastoral Services Department at Hartford Hospital provides care and support for patients, families and staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Pastoral care is offered by our staff hospital chaplains and resident chaplains to individuals of all faiths, or of no particular faith. Specific denominational affiliation is not required to use our services.

Reasons to call a chaplain:

When you feel scared about being in the hospital
When someone close to you has died
When you feel discouraged
When you're asking God, "Why?"
When you need help with Advance Directives
When you wish to have Guided Imagery
When your family is upset
When you're facing a difficult decision
When you want to receive sacraments, a blessing or other ritual
When you want someone to join you in prayer
When you've heard some bad news or when you want to celebrate
When you're having surgery or a medical procedure
When you need help contacting your pastor, rabbi, or imam