Not every morbidly obese patient should undergo bariatric surgical procedures.

Some reasons an operation should be avoided include:
  • Heart valve disease and/or angina pectoris
  • Active peptic ulcer disease
  • Patient is unfit for general anesthesia
  • Patient is not prepared to make necessary lifestyle and/or behavior changes
  • Active alcoholism or drug abuse
  • Hepatic cirrhosis with impaired liver function tests
  • Serious psychiatric disability
  • Patients in very poor overall health
  • Persons desiring the surgery for the wrong reasons (see below)

Unfortunately, there are many who want surgery for the wrong reasons. If you feel that the surgery will help you attain a “normal” weight, make you “skinny,” or make people like you more then you should probably avoid an operation. Additionally, if you believe that the operation will allow you to eat anything that you want, this procedure is not appropriate for you.