Dear Colleague:

Thank you for your interest in conducting nursing research at Hartford Hospital. On our website you will find the information we need to evaluate your study. This format has been agreed upon by members of the Connecticut Nursing Research Alliance in an effort to standardize the application process to Nursing Research Committees throughout the state.

Once the TRINTECH application has been submitted, it will be sent out for review. Please remember to include the informed consent and any data collection tools you will be using.

If you have any further questions, please call me at 860-545-2183.

Again, thank you for your interest in Hartford Hospital as a site for your research.

Dawn Beland, RN, MS, CCRN, CS, CNRN
Chairperson, Nursing Research Committee


The Department of Nursing at Hartford Hospital promotes and encourages nursing research.

The Nursing Research Committee reviews proposals for implementation at Hartford Hospital. Responsibility for proper conduct of the research protocol rests with the investigator, both at the time of submission to this Committee and during the collection of data.

It is suggested that the researcher initiate the review process at least two months before the expected date of implementation.

The application process consists of the following steps:

  1. Complete the research application form within the TRINTECH system. Please note: Student proposals submitted without an advisor’s endorsement will not be reviewed by the Committee.
  2. Attach the proposal (The proposal should include an introduction, problem statement, review of the literature, hypotheses of research questions, sampling, design, data collection and analysis and human subjects protection).
  3. Submit the proposal, an informed consent (if needed), and data collection forms to be used.

Helpful information:

A letter of support from the Director or Manager of the nursing units where the research is to be done needs to be received prior to the initiation of research.
Being available by phone or in person enables Committee members to clarify questions and may save time. Please let the Chairperson know if you are available, and how you can be reached.
In general research proposals regarding nurses or standard nursing care practices can be given final approval by the Nursing Research Committee.
Research proposals involving experimental designs with patients, once reviewed, will be forwarded to the Hospital Research Committee.
Projects that involve manipulation of medical treatment will require a physician sponsor.
Ten to twelve pages is considered sufficient length for a proposal. CAUTION: Chapters one through three of a thesis will not be read.

Proposals will be evaluated in five major areas:

    1. Patient/subject and elements of research safety; 
    2. Feasibility; 
    3. Level of staff involvement; 
    4. Use of resources; and 
    5. The quality and completeness of the written proposal, which is expected to represent sound scientific inquiry.
The Directors and Managers also evaluate the proposal on these areas.

Outcomes of the review process generally fall into one of the following categories:

1. approval; 

2. conditional approval, or 

3. disapproval.

A proposal that fails to be approved can be revised and resubmitted. Specific valuative comments may be provided if requested by the researcher.
When the research is completed, a one page abstract will be submitted to the Nursing Research Committee. Researchers may be asked to present their findings via other forums. With any presentation of the project, acknowledgment of the opportunity to conduct the research should be made to the Department of Nursing at Hartford Hospital.

For more information on grants, approvals,  policies, procedures, etc. CLICK HERE
Further information regarding research at Hartford Hospital can be obtained from Dawn Beland at 860-545-2183.