The mission of the Nursing Research Committee (NRC) is to facilitate nursing research that supports the organization’s goals.
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The NRC assists the researcher in the submission of a proposal and guides the researcher and proposal through the research approval process. The TRINTECH System assists the researcher in successfully completing the online research application and can be found at here.

Once submitted, the Chair of the NRC reviews the proposal content to assure that it is aligned with Hartford Hospital’s nursing research priorities.

Next, members of the Practice and Research Nursing council read the proposal. Contact will be made with the researcher to address questions or discuss issues that may arise.

Nursing Research Committee (NRC)Once approved by the NRC, the proposal is forwarded through the TRINTECH system to the hospital’s Research Committee.

At this point, depending on the type of research being conducted, the proposal can be granted one of three reviews; exempt, expedited, or full committee review. Once the researcher has received approval from the Research Office, he/she may implement their project.

In an effort to encourage research that is aligned with the organization’s goals, Hartford Hospital’s top nursing research priorities are listed here

Nursing Research Committee Members
Dawn Beland, RN, MS, CCRN, CS, CNRN
Chairperson, Nursing Research Committee,
Hartford Hospital
Phone: (860) 545-2183
Pager: (860) 545-4411 #3223
Myrtha A. Acevedo, RN
Outpatient Department
Hartford Hospital
Phone: (860) 251-6710
Diane Jean, RN
Same Day Admission Unit
Hartford Hospital
Phone: (860) 545-2578
Diane Vinci, PAA
Neurosurgical ICU
Hartford Hospital
Phone: (860) 545-1425