Meet the Nurses
  • Cancer Clinical Research
    Meet two of our nurses, Rhea DeBari, RN, and Edith Clark, RN, OCN, CCRP who practice within the program.
  • AIDS Dementia/Delirium vs. Dementia 
    Julia Ericson, RN, and Chris Wasczynski, APRN, improve nursing care for the hospitalized cognitively impaired patient at Hartford Hospital.
  • Becoming an Oncology Nurse
    Ann McBride, RN, describes her journey and the pride she feels becoming an Oncology nurse at Hartford Hospital.
  • A Day in the Life of a Hartford Hospital Nurse
    Julie Deshaies is a Nurse in the Surgical Unit, Bliss 8.  She describes a typical day and always with some surprises built in to each day!
  • Transplant Nurses Educate Staff and Patients 
    Coleen Kopcza RN, Wound Care Consultant, North 11 (Transplant) discusses positive patient outcomes as a result of the education.  Becky Joiner, RN, discusses the Self Medication Program (SMP) and how transplant patients learn about their new lifestyle and medications.
  • Women's Health
    We know that choosing a place to work is as much art as it is science. It just has to “feel” right, don’t you think?