Cancer Clinical Research

The mission of the Cancer Clinical Research Program is to promote, restore, maintain or improve the quality of life of all the people we serve. We provide our patients with quality research studies, outreach services, screening and early detection of cancer while practicing service excellence at all times.

Meet two of our nurses who practice within the program...

Members of the Cancer Clinical Research staff
(L-R): Maria Palomares, Maria Rodriguez-Furlow

Rhea DeBari RN

Rhea DeBari RN

I enjoy working in Cancer Clinical Research as it allows me to utilize my nursing skills and knowledge to work in collaboration & partnership with the Oncologists when planning for patient treatment, management and follow-up for patients enrolled to cutting edge cancer research trials. The Research Coordinator role also allows me to empower patients to become active participants in their care – whether it’s deciding to enroll in a clinical trial, or working together to minimize symptoms or side effects they may be experiencing. It’s an opportunity to make a positive impact with patients in order to help them feel as though they have some control over their illness, at a time when they may otherwise be feeling powerless.

Edith Clark RN, OCN, CCRP

I came to Hartford Hospital in 1974 to work in the hemodialysis unit. HH was one of very few providers of chronic hemodialysis treatment in the state at that time. I spent the next 17 years in this specialty.

To further my professional growth I transferred to the cancer program, hematology oncology outpatient service. I knew the staff (2 RN’s) that worked in the hem/onc setting, as their unit was initially located on our same floor in CB4. Their work ethic and patient care were beyond exemplary and I felt excited to learn a new discipline with superb nurses whose only agenda was educating and caring for the patients.

I now work in Cancer Clinical Research. Like nephrology, oncology nursing encompasses the best of both worlds, acute and chronic nursing with emphasis on empowering patients through education and support. I thoroughly enjoy working with all the team members, and feel exceptionally lucky to be part of the smart, talented and motivated Cancer Program staff.

Edith Clark RN, OCN, CCRN