The success of the program rests entirely on aggressive risk management policies and controls. To assure conformity with these policies and to enhance control, physicians are eligible to participate in the program if 75% or more of their hospital practice is at one or more CHS hospitals where the policies and controls are in effect.
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Members of a group practice are eligible to participate, only if all members and the group elect to participate and are accepted.
There is a single Underwriting Committee with representatives from each particular hospital, medical staff and the insurance company.  This committee develops membership criteria for participation in the plan, reviews participant classification, and addresses concerns of physicians regarding coverage.
Insurance under the program is available only upon submission of a completed application and acceptance by CHS/CNA for coverage.  CHS reserves the right to deny any applicant's request for coverage.  The policy period is from 1 October through 30 September.  Renewals are subject to acceptance by CHS/CNA.