Comprehensive Liver Center at Hartford Hospital
Dedicated to Specialized Assessment, Treatment and Management
   of Patients with Liver Disease and Liver Cancer


2013 Hepatitis C Summit Participants
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  • Working collaboratively with referring physicians, individuals with liver disease may now receive comprehensive liver disease care through a single point of entry. Under one roof providers representing multiple specialties coordinate treatment resulting in streamlined care and decreased burden on patients and families. Patients seen in the morning will oftentimes know their diagnosis and treatment options by the time they leave in the afternoon. (more)

    New Technology Available to Assess Liver Health
    The Comprehensive Liver Center at Hartford Hospital is the first healthcare facility in Connecticut to acquire FibroScan. The FibroScan provides a fast, painless assessment of liver health. It is a non-invasive test used to assess liver stiffness. Results are immediate and show the evolution of health of your liver. The entire FibroScan test session requires 15-20 minutes and can safely be repeated. (more)

    To refer a patient to the Comprehensive Liver Center at Hartford Hospital, complete the on-line referral form here or call 860-972-4219. (more)