The following audio/video resources will help you learn more about Integrative Medicine.
Art for Healing:
Guided Imagery:
Preparing for Surgery:
  • Huddleston, Peggy, "Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster™" [AUDIO]
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  • Naperstek, Belleruth, "Surgery Preparation" [AUDIO]
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  • Baker, Robert, MD, "Preoperative and Postoperative Relaxation", "Music and Healing Statements During Surgery" [AUDIO]
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Tai Chi/Qigong:
  • Lam, P., "Tai Chi; The 24 Forms" [VIDEO]
    120 minutes; 1999
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  • Lam, P., "Tai Chi for Older Adults" [VIDEO]
    110 minutes, 1998
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  • Lam, P, “Tai Chi for Arthritis” [VIDEO]
  • Lam, P, “Tai Chi for Diabetes” [VIDEO]
  • Lam, P, “Tai Chi for Relaxation” [VIDEO]