Classes & Events
Achoooooo. Allergies Getting You Down?
    Learn about and participate in an amazingly effective energy clearing technique that will help reduce or eliminate your airborne allergies. All that's required is an open and curious mind.
Cancer Wellness Support Series
    Come learn strategies to clear your mind and improve your mood in Introduction to Stress Management, Guided Imagery, and Gentle Yoga. A free series of classes open to all Hartford Hospital Cancer Program Patients and their care-givers
Contemporary Printmaking
    Enjoy making unique multi-color images, with or without a printing press. Explore a variety of techniques guaranteed to be fun and safe (non-toxic inks and solvent free methods). No prior experience necessary.
Divorced Women's Empowerment Group
    Come join us and be with other women who are single again. Learn tips for self esteem, coping mechanisms, and discovering individuality.
Drawing From Life: The Portrait
    This life drawing class has a primary focus; the human portrait. We will explore the basic approaches to drawing the head and face along with the proper proportional measurements that make up the faces we see.
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Level 1
    This two part series will cover the use of EFT for physical pain, emotional discomfort, weight loss/addictions, anxiety, and much more.
Grief Support Group
    Grief can be a very confusing and difficult road. Come join others who are traveling the journey of grief.
HypnoBirthing® Class
    A 4 week hands-on natural childbirth class for expectant mothers and their chosen birth companion.
Making Color Sing Course
    A basic course exploring the relationships and energy of color to discover its ability to vibrate, speak to us and energetically heal us.
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) 8-Week Series
    Stressed by life events, illness, pain, worry? Then, this course is for you! This 8-week course is modeled after the original, acclaimed program by Jon Kabat Zinn at UMass Medical Center.
Overcoming the Sugar Blues
    This class explores how you can permanently change your relationship with sugar after the fun filled summer!
Prenatal Yoga
    This four-week program strengthens and tones muscles, making you more comfortable during pregnancy and better prepared for the delivery of your baby.
Reiki Healing Touch - Level 1
    Learn a gentle hands-on relaxation technique that can reduce stress, muscle tension/pain and accelerate the healing process.
Soul Collage® for Everyone: Our Animal Companions
    Soul Collage® for Everyone: Our Animal Companions. Summer is the perfect time to explore the energies of our animal guides while they are active and storing energy for the next hibernation. The SoulCollage® process will assist us in embodying the qualities they possess.
SoulCollage® for Everyone: Harvesting Garden Treasures
    Now is the time to harvest the treasures from your inner garden. Every life experience has given meaning to your presence in this world and those encounters have planted seeds of possibilities that are now ripe and ready for picking.
Therapeutic Touch - Basic Course
    Learn an energy technique that can help you decrease pain and stress, accelerate healing, and enhance well-being for yourself and your loved ones.
Acupuncture, Reiki and Massage Therapy
    Need to increase your energy, reduce stress, control pain and many other health conditions?
Art for Healing Program Volunteer
    Act as a creative coach to assist patients with collage writing, drawing and painting, as an outlet to relieve stress and anxiety.
Infant Massage
    Learn hands-on massage techniques to calm and soothe your baby.
Peggy Huddleston's Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster™
    Learn relaxation techniques to help you prepare emotionally and physically for surgery.
Reiki Program Volunteer
    Provide Reiki healing touch, a soothing hands-on relaxation technique for stress reduction and pain relief to hospital patients at their bedside.