xrayGeneral Diagnostic Radiology includes evaluation of the chest, spine, skull, extremities, hips, pelvis and abdomen. General diagnostic radiology is often used to evaluate suspected fracture or other indications of injury or abnormality.

Chest imaging may be used to detect pneumonia, TB and enlargement of the heart. Abdominal images can reveal the size and shape of abdominal structures or the presence of fluid or air in the abdomen. Spinal images may be taken to evaluate scoliosis (curvature of the spine). Extremity images may indicate fracture or location of foreign bodies.

The General Diagnostic Radiology section’s staff consists of board certified radiologists and state licensed radiology technologists who provide a full range of radiology procedures for general diagnostic interpretation. As a trauma center, Hartford Hospital offers 24-hour coverage for emergencies. Flexible scheduling for outpatient services is available.

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