Research/Burlingame Building on the grounds of the Institute of Living
The Institute of Living (IOL) Medical Library provides access to up-to-date and historical materials in psychiatry and the mental health disciplines.

The IOL collection complements the Health Science Library's network with a comprehensive collection of books, journals and audiovisual materials.


Research/Burlingame Building, 3rd Floor
200 Retreat Ave.
Hartford, CT 06106


Mon. thru Fri.: 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Sat. & Sun.:


Information Desk: 860-545-7276
Fax:   860-545-7275


Betty Fishe, MLS, AHIP


The IOL Medical Library houses a collection of 4,000 books and 150 journal titles on psychiatry, neurology, psychology, psychiatric nursing, social work and other mental health disciplines.

The library also houses an audiovisual collection including lectures given by IOL staff and visiting professors over the past several years.

Special Services

The Digest of Neurology and Psychiatry contains abstracts of peer-reviewed, professional articles. It is published quarterly by the IOL Librarian, the Associate Editor of the Digest. The Digest is freely accessible to all through the Institute of Living Website, as well as the hospital's Intranet (Health Sciences Libraries/Featured Resources).