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Heart Failure Infusion Program
Jefferson Building, Suite 208
85 Jefferson Street
Hartford, CT 06102
Phone: 860-972-1212
Fax: 860-545-3269

Hartford Hospital’s Center for Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant offers a comprehensive multidisciplinary outpatient Heart Failure Infusion Program utilizing continuous infusion of intravenous diuretics in managing volume overload in the setting of decompensated Heart Failure.

Treatment is individually tailored to achieve euvolemia (the presence of the proper amount of blood in the body). Infusion therapy is given by specialized heart failure nurses over 2-3 hour sessions and repeated on multiple days as needed. The Heart Failure Infusion Program functions within a multifaceted heart failure management program consisting of specialized dietary and nursing care focused on patient education and support. It safely bridges patients from the hospital to the outpatient community preventing relapse and re-admission while allowing patients to stay in the comfort of their home.

Ongoing, intermittent reinforcement of Heart Failure Self Care by specialized nurses and dietitians in the Infusion Program facilitates compliance, patient satisfaction, and reduced admission to the hospital while improving patients’ quality of life. Outpatient diuretic infusion prevents deconditioning while promoting peer social interaction and emotional support.

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