Dr. Steven Zweibel


I am Dr. Steven Zweibel, the director of Cardiac Electrophysiology at Hartford Hospital.  I joined the division in July 2008 after being in private practice for 9 years in New York City.

The division of cardiac electrophysiology at Hartford Hospital provides the latest in heart rhythm care with experienced doctors and nurses to ensure the best possible outcomes.  We are the only center in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts that performs laser lead extractions for infected or fractured pacemaker and ICD leads. We perform complex cardiac ablations using the most advanced computer mapping equipment.  

We are also the first center in Connecticut to use robotics to perform complex ablation procedures. We have the ability to use cryoablation (using cold instead of heat) to ablate abnormal electrical pathways that are close to the normal conduction system of the heart thereby ensuring damage to only the abnormal tissue. 

We are experts in the implantation, programming, and follow-up of all devices including loop recorders, pacemakers, ICDs, and cardiac resynchronization devices for the treatment of congestive heart failure.  Our device clinics follow over 1,400 patients with ICDs using the latest in home remote monitoring. 

We are also experts in the use of antiarrhythmic drugs to help treat those heart rhythm disorders that may not be amenable to an ablation procedure.  We are involved in national heart rhythm research to help solve the tough questions we face in electrophysiology. 

I am proud of the division of cardiac electrophysiology at Hartford Hospital and am constantly striving to improve the care our patients receive. 

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