Diabetes Self-Management Education Program

Group Sessions:

Our Diabetes Self-Management Education Program is based on the results of the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial, a ten-year research study that demonstrated that better control of blood sugar decreased long-term complications.

When you choose this program, you receive a lifetime of care to maintain self-management skills. (Download our brochure)   

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Self Help Tools:

How well are you managing your diabetes? Are you at risk for diabetes? Take our One-Minute Assessment Surveys to find out! Clicking on the survey name will display the survey in a new browser window.
Diabetes Risk Assessment
Diabetes is a very serious disease that requires evaluation and treatment. To evaluate your risk for diabetes, you can take the Diabetes Risk Assessment and find out if you are "at risk."

Diabetes Maintenance Assessment
Careful management of diabetes is fundamental to good health. To evaluate how well you are managing your diabetes, please complete the Diabetes Maintenance Assessment.
For more self help tools that will help you improve your exercise activities, health and well being, including Healthy Living Calculators and Health Risk Assessors, click here.

Publications & Online Resources

The Diabetes Life Care staff at Hartford Hospital has put together a number of excellent publications describing diabetes, at-risk factors, & good maintenance behaviors for those diagnosed with diabetes. Included below is a selection of these publications. Please review them and select those that are appropriate for your situation. (Documents are provided in PDF format.)

Online Resources:


  • Patient Guide to Diabetes Medications Before Surgery (English|Spanish
For the Newly-Diagnosed:
Assessing and Reducing Your Risk:

The following forms are made available online so that you can fill them out before you arrive at the Diabetes LifeCare offices. Clicking on the form name will display the form in a new browser window. Use your browser's print function to print out the form. (Forms are provided in PDF format.)