CHESS Program FeaturesThe latest versions of the CHESS Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer modules were developed using a topic-driven approach designed to be easily accessible and navigable, particularly for users who are new to computers.

CHESS has many features that will provide you with information and support:
Information on a variety of topics from cancer basics to treatments to caregiver tips. This area also includes “Ask an Expert,” a confidential and anonymous service offered by CHESS that allows you to ask a question about your health, and get a personal answer from a Cancer Information Specialist within two business days.
This area connects you with other people facing the same cancer diagnosis  in a supportive setting allowing anonymous and informal communication. This area also includes Personal Stories, real-life accounts of people living and coping with cancer, both as caregivers and patients. Many of these stories have information that can help you deal with your own situation. Some personal stories can be read in text form; others can be watched as a video.
The Tools section of CHESS includes a personal calendar and contact list, an action plan that helps you build a plan for change, as well as a confidential, personal journal. 
The search feature allows you to select from a list of "keywords" that can help you find what you are looking for within the CHESS web site. 
The dictionary will help you find easy-to-understand definitions for many health related words. 
CHESS Marks 
A way for you to save information to read later; it works like a bookmark.