For more info regarding SHADOWING PROGRAMS, contact Hartford Hospital's Volunteer Services Department:

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Hartford Hospital offers a variety of Shadowing Programs and Internships to students.

Shadowing Programs

Hartford Hospital offers shadowing opportunities which are observational in nature. The observation length is usually one to five days but can be extended to up to one month with the approval of the department where the individual is placed.
Note that shadowing requirements of more than 30 days will be processed through the department of Education/Academic Affairs as an “internship” in order to maintain appropriate contracts with the school.

Application Procedure: Applicants must submit a copy of a syllabus or other course information on program letterhead that details the job shadow requirements including required number of hours and date by which hours must be completed, along with other required paperwork. The only exception to this requirement is the off-site outpatient clinics of the Hartford Hospital Rehabilitation network where the educational requirement does not apply, or current hospital volunteers who have contributed 50 or more hours of service.

Volunteer Services requires a minimum of two weeks’ notice (additional time is preferable) to arrange job shadow experiences, and cannot guarantee placement for all applicants. Most job shadow experiences are only available on weekdays in the morning or afternoon, however we will attempt to fill requests for other days/times to the best of our availability.

Hospital Areas: Job shadow experiences cannot be authorized for the following areas: Operating Room, Recovery Room, ICU, Labor & Delivery and Pediatrics. The Emergency Department has extremely limited availability.

Individuals authorized to shadow at Hartford Hospital will be issued at One Day Access badge which must be worn at all times while on hospital premises.

Age Restrictions: Applicants under the age of 18 cannot be placed to shadow with a parent who is an employee. Due to the nature of the care provided in certain locations, Hartford Hospital may restrict placements based on the age of the applicant. In general students aged 14 and 15 may job shadow in out-patient/clinic areas or in office settings. Ages 16 and 17 may also have the option of being on in-patient clinical care areas. Ages 18 and over may also have the option of pre- or post-operative areas.

For more information: Please contact the department of Volunteer Services at 860-972-2198 or


An Internship is described as an organized, well-defined, experiential program or research project that extends over weeks.

More information regarding internships will be added to this page soon.