Drawings from some Grace Webb School students

(Drawings from several Grace Webb School students)

Here's what some of our past graduates have to say about The Institute of Living's Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Residency Program:

 Catalin Butunoi, M.D. (2006 graduate)

"My choice of the C and A program was based on my belief that I'm not going to be a complete psychiatrist without understanding the human development, starting from the beginnings, the interaction of the human being with the family, environment, the influence of school and its social milieu on psychosocial development of the future adult, as well as the initial biopsychosocial contributors of the psychiatric pathology. Why IOL? Because during the general psychiatry program, Lisa Namerow presented a documentary with and about Eric Erikson, and I felt somehow "touching" the founders of the field of psychiatry, you know being closer to Mount Olympus."

"Nowadays, I am working at St. Joseph's Hospital, in Syracuse, New York, in an outpatient clinic, as a child psychiatrist... I think the training at IOL made me feel confident in my therapeutic decisions, and in my ability to defend them."

"Strength of the programs? Hmmm...yes I still love you Dr. Black! And you know why? Because, you've been the first to put the scalpel in my hand (surgical comparison of course), you made me understand my mission as a psychiatrist, made me look for the core of what the patient is about, and in what way I could help her/him."

"Thank you all for helping me to be able to practice child and adolescent psychiatry with competence! I am proud that I am an IOL graduate!"

 Jennifer Purses, D.O. (2009 graduate)

"I chose Child & Adolescent training at IOL because I went there for my adult training with the plan to go into C&A. I only applied to programs that also had child fellowships. I was attracted to the eclectic nature of the program and the wide exposure we would get to different treatment modalities, settings, and didactics."

"Strengths of the program was the experience as a junior attending in my second year. It was very helpful preparation; exposure to many different treatment settings and a variety of diagnoses. The Attendings (caring, knowledgeable, good teachers); forensics curriculum; diverse training settings; ability to create your own electives in areas of interest; resident/fellow independent for the most part; developmental focus."

"Currently I am on an “extended sabbatical in child development”, i.e. full-time mothering (but I have applied for my WA state license so we will see what the future holds. Prior to staying home I worked in private practice, weekend coverage for inpatient child and adolescent units, and as consulting physician/acting behavioral health director of a teen health center (this last position was primarily supervisory and was fantastic experience)."

"I miss the IOL. The collaborative relationship between attendings, program administrators, and trainees is unique. It creates a great learning environment where trainees feel valued and like and important part of the team, not like indentured servants. The program is family friendly, supportive, and learning experiences are of the highest caliber. Wouldn’t have wanted to train anywhere else."

 Osman Qureshi, M.D. (2011 graduate)

"I completed my adult training at the IOL, so I had the unfair advantage of knowing how solid the program is in all aspects of training. The faculty is wonderful. Supervision is outstanding. Exposure to different aspects in the field (inpatient, psychotherapy, etc.) was great. Other strengths are the didactics and of course the on-site school."

"Look at what I am doing in less than a year out of my fellowship: I'm Medical Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services at ECHN, Assistant Professor of Adult and Child Psychiatry at University of New England, and Clerkship Director of Psychiatry for University of New England. I'm also in private practice with two office locations, and I'm on the medical staff at The Institute of Living, Natchaug Hospital, and St. Francis Hospital. I think the residency program prepared me quite well!"

 Trisha Pesce, M.D. (2012 graduate)

I have been connected to the Institute of Living since medical school doing elective rotations in my fourth year and later as an adult resident. The quality of the teaching faculty, diversity of patient presentations and positive learning environment made it an easy choice for my Child and Adolescent Fellowship.

I have found my time here to provide me with the training I still needed after 3 years of adult psychiatry residency. I gained extensive knowledge in child development, explored psychodynamic theories, honed my consult/liaison skills with the neighboring children's hospital and became familiar with all the systems that interface with the child psychiatry field. I now feel competent in a variety of therapy techniques including sand tray, play and creative therapies. I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of settings both on campus and in the surrounding community that has well prepared me for my future. I strongly recommend others to consider training here at the Institute of Living.