The Institute of Living
The Institute of Living’s gracious 35-acre campus is located just south of downtown Hartford and the state capital, and just a few blocks east of Trinity College. The Institute’s campus is part of a larger medical complex that also includes Hartford Hospital and the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center (CCMC).
In recent years, the completion of several multimillion-dollar revitalization projects has enhanced the vitality of the surrounding neighborhood. These projects include the creation of the 16-acre Learning Corridor, a complex of magnet schools and academies that opened in fall 2000. Much of the revitalization effort has been spearheaded by the Southside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance (SINA).
The Institute provides a full range of psychiatric services. It has three general adult locked inpatient units, some of which provide specialized services to patients from the day treatment programs. It also has a child and adolescent inpatient unit and a geriatric inpatient unit with a dementia treatment section. Partial hospital programs include the General Adult Program, the Geriatric Program, the Addiction Recovery Service, the Professionals Program, the Eating Disorders Program, and the Schizophrenia Rehabilitation Program. The Child & Adolescent Program provides a full range of services, including inpatient, partial hospital, and outpatient. There are primary, middle, and secondary schools on grounds that provide education in collaboration with treatment services.
The Outpatient Department provides general adult care as well as special services for anxiety disorders and schizophrenia, geriatric care, couples and family treatment, forensic consultation, and the treatment of sexual disorders.
Hartford Hospital
The 850-bed Hartford Hospital is the largest general hospital in the state of Connecticut and a regular recipient of national awards for excellence. It is a major tertiary care and community health care center, serving a state-wide patient population and providing a wide range of services. Hartford Hospital is a major affiliated training site in psychiatry, as it is in medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics/gynecology and neurology. The hospital’s Department of Psychiatry includes an extensive Consultation/Liaison Program, a busy Emergency Psychiatry Service, a Crisis Intervention Service, and consultation to the Ambulatory Internal Medicine and HIV Centers.
A full-service pediatric hospital, CCMC provides preventive programs, acute care, and chronic and rehabilitative services in a facility designed exclusively for children. It is an academic center that combines patient care, research, and teaching, and provides in-depth backup to pediatricians and pediatric units in the region’s general hospitals. CCMC comprises a 24-hour pediatric emergency department; a cancer center; a general medical, general surgical and specialty surgical program; an orthopedic division; rehabilitation services; and a full spectrum of outpatient services.
The Department of Psychiatry at CCMC is part of The Institute of Living/Hartford Hospital and is responsible for providing the onsite consultation/liaison services to the inpatient, subspecialty outpatient services, and to the emergency department.
This large, inner-city mental health clinic is located approximately seven miles from The Institute of Living campus, in Hartford’s North End. The CRMHC is the primary mental health agency for Greater Hartford, providing an array of innovative mental health services to individuals who suffer from persistent and severe mental illness.
The center primarily serves Hartford residents, but also provides care to residents who live in surrounding towns and cannot obtain services locally. CRMHC offers mobile crisis and evaluation services, centralized intake and diagnostics, in-home specialty respite care, acute day treatment, homeless outreach and clinical treatment, a rehabilitation-oriented day program, specialized day treatment services for those who speak Spanish only, assertive employment, specialized assessment, and treatment services for clients of the city’s general assistance program. Many CRMHC patients continue in The Institute of Living's General Adult Day Treatment Program.  Some receive specialized care in the Schizophrenia Rehabilitation Program at The Institute of Living or live on site in the Todd Residential House.

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