Karen Weingrod joins the Ch. 3 morning crew to talk about Hartford Hospital's efforts to create awareness around breast cancer by providing screening mammograms.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=j94h6En1&fullwindow=true


Stefanie Bourassa gives anchor Kerri-Lee Mayland stretching tips for runners participating in this year's NU Marathon.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=1lu5b80J&fullwindow=true


Stefanie Bourassa demonstrates proper stretching techniques to Ch. 3 anchor, Kara Sundlun in preparation for the NU Marathon.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=4q41lnSb&fullwindow=true


Dr. Vasanth Kainkaryam explains facts about the Enterovirus on WTIC AM radio.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=kvCNf6JS&fullwindow=true


Karen Wiengrod talks to Fox Ct anchor Erica Arias about the importance of breast cancer awareness and Hartford Hospital's sponsorship of the pink party.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=Gd5ugR06&fullwindow=true 


The story of a woman who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer while pregnant with her second child.  Dr. Aaron Shafer explains how doctors treated her condition.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=bc9PdGFn&fullwindow=true


Dr. Mark Neavyn explains to WFSB, Ch. 3 what parents need to know about marijuana-laced candy.  http://youtu.be/cNFnk-GOxq8?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA


Stefanie Bourassa explains to FOX CT Anchor, Tim Lammers what services the Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network will be providing at the Northeast Utilities Marathon.  http://youtu.be/b_4PqscTm54?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA


Meagan Rood shows FOX CT Anchor, Tim Lammers how to prevent falls for National Fall Prevention Day.  http://youtu.be/ufizLJPc12I?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA


Dr. Kent Stahl tells WFSB, Ch. 3 viewers what they need to know about the Enterovirus.  http://youtu.be/ElFSTB09H-0?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA


A momentous day at Hartford Hospital captured by NBC CT - Hartford HealthCare becomes official charter member of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Alliance. http://youtu.be/vcrSEYHg9bU?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA

WFSB's coverage:  http://youtu.be/6Co6vRGYsnU?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA


Hartford Hospital offers a unique way to lower cholesterol for certain patients.  News 8 reporter, Jocelyn Maminta features the LDL Apheresis Program.  http://youtu.be/78QJR4SxE_I?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA


Dr. David Tolin addresses anxiety stresses of the Sept. 11th attacks and how to cope years later in an interview with Ch. 3 reporter, Nicole Nalepa.  http://youtu.be/mp1CFfS8lwc?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA

Dr. Robert Sahl sits down with NBC CT anchor, Kerri-Lee Mayland to discuss Sept. 11th - 13 years later and the coping process after more than a decade since the attacks.  http://youtu.be/UKSNtJbC0bY?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA


WFSB covers Hartford Hospital's flag-lowering ceremony to remember lives lost to suicide.  http://youtu.be/apwON85v7o4?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA

Dr. Harold Schwartz sits down with NBC CT anchor, Kerri-Lee Mayland to address National Suicide Awareness Day.  http://youtu.be/Qi8_0UWWl5M?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA


Dr. Subramani Seetharama talks about concussions on NBC CT.  http://youtu.be/-WNPRUf_XeA?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA

Dr. Kent Stahl outlines Enterovirus on FOX CT.  http://youtu.be/jsyNIgbBeZc?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA


Danika Delgado talks to NBC CT about domestic violence.  http://youtu.be/JiHPa-fYCCk?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA


Beth Cheney talks to NBC CT about CVS banning the sale of Tobacco products.  http://youtu.be/pXLEzYcPRYQ?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA


LIFE STAR has an app for that!  Flight Respiratory Therapist and Paramedic, Greg Frani sits down with FOX CT morning anchor, Erica Arias to talk about how it works.  http://youtu.be/6lyeSwiSmSI?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA


Dr. Vasanth Kainkaryam explains to WFSB, Ch. 3 how to keep children healthy from the spread of germs as a new school year begins.  http://youtu.be/W_gX78v-LWQ?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA


Dr. Jack Ross answers questions about Ebola live on FOX CT.  http://youtu.be/FUCjF6hvHNE?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA

Should EKG testing be done in student athletes?  National expert Dr. Paul Thompson sits down with NBC CT anchor Kerri-Lee Mayland to talk about the topic.  http://youtu.be/AdfJT2bTMEA?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA


Dr. Mark Neavyn is interviewed live on NBC CT to talk about the dangers of powdered caffeine.  http://youtu.be/i1DuLAgj26o?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA

Hartford Hospital reaches 10,000 pledges for its Stop the Stigma campaign.  Dr. Harold Schwartz talks to FOX CT about the campaign.  http://youtu.be/E75lXejFYc0?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA


Colleen Mulkerin outlines the Safe Haven Law on WTNH and Hartford Hospital's protocol when it comes to a baby being dropped off at a hospital.  http://youtu.be/o9EwYIFKnBY?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA


Dr. Jack Ross outline the Ebola virus live on FOX CT.  http://youtu.be/FUCjF6hvHNE?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA


Dr. Jack Ross appeared live on WTIC AM radio to answer questions about the West Nile Virus.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=X82B4LRK&fullwindow=true


Hartford Hospital Chief of Toxicology, Dr. Mark Neavyn outlines the dangers of powdered caffeine live on NBC CT.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=sJw1w1TH&fullwindow=true


Should EKG's become standardized testing for athletes?  Dr. Paul Thompson is a national expert on this topic.  He sits down with NBC CT Anchor Kerri-Lee Mayland to discuss the debate.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=S2MoHLtg&fullwindow=true


Hartford Hospital's "Stop the Stigma" campaign exceeds its goal of collecting 10,000 pledges against mental illness.  Coverage from FOX CT.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=h7f9csY4&fullwindow=true


Dr. Harold "Hank" Schwartz on FOX CT discussing the death of Robin Williams and the topic of depression and suicide.  http://foxct.com/2014/08/12/from-hollywood-to-hartford-experts-discuss-robin-williams-death/


Dr. Harold "Hank" Schwartz appearing on WFSB, Ch. 3 to discuss suicide and depression following the death of Robin Williams.  http://youtu.be/ABHUN-E6eT0?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA


Dr. Harold "Hank" Schwartz talks about depression and suicide following the death of Robin Williams with NBC CT Anchor Kerri-Lee Mayland.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=1K7YYNX7&fullwindow=true


It's contained in over-the-counter medications, but do you know the dangers of Acetaminophen?  Dr. Kelly Johnson-Arbor talks to WTIC AM radio host Ray Dunaway about the drug.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=D03QbPgm&fullwindow=true


Did you know that if you develop a kidney stone, you are 50% more likely to produce recurring kidney stones?  Dr. Jeffrey Morganstern and Dr. Jarrod Post sit down with NBC CT Anchor, Lisa Carberg to outline the unique approach the Tallwood Urology and Kidney Institute uses to treat kidney stones.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=lW2lTyt3&fullwindow=true


Dr. Jack Ross explains the Ebola virus on FOX CT with Anchor, Tony Terzi.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=f1ujrSP2&fullwindow=true


LIFE STAR has a new app for medical personnel and a separate one for the public.  Find out more here as Greg Frani, LIFE STAR explains the app to Ray Dunaway on WTIC AM radio.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=DLaPQL1W&fullwindow=true


Mike Nailor talks with Ray Dunaway on WTIC AM radio about the CDC's warning about ineffective antibiotics.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=Z87Hh7iN&fullwindow=true


Women and stress...how do you cope?  Dr. Sheila Gately sits down with NBC CT Anchor Amanda Raus to offer some tips.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=E1Okw2aL&fullwindow=true


Hartford Hospital ranks among elite hospitals in the world when it comes to technology.  See the story from WTNH and FOX CT.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=Y3zMvd5V&fullwindow=true



Dr. Jack Ross joins the Ray Dunaway Show on WTIC AM radio to talk about child vaccination rates.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=P9XRiBU7&fullwindow=true  


Greg Jones sits down with WFSB Anchor, Kim Lucey to talk about the 2nd Annual "Take Charge" Golf Tournament.  Watch the interview to find out what the "Take Charge" program is all about.  http://youtu.be/bKfkkRLhgZ4?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA


Cancer patients at Hartford Hospital received special, homemade gifts brought in by two girls from Somers. Watch all the coverage from NBC CT, FOX CT and WFSB, Ch. 3 about this heartwarming, inspirational story.  It will make you smile!  http://youtu.be/HHCAxDIth40?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA







Dr. Andrew Salner joins the Ray Dunaway Show on WTIC AM radio to discuss the latest on medical marijuana.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=KKHbbXhE&fullwindow=true


Dr. Caleb Peck joins the morning crew on Ch. 3 Eyewitness News to talk about a new trend in women being diagnosed with ADHD.  http://youtu.be/Ou4qBFm3Nic?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA



Dr. Andrew Caputo tells Ch. 3 anchor Kim Lucey about an important race to raise money for cancer.  http://youtu.be/0YGybVxmyqo?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA


With summer in full swing, Rafaella Coler provides important CPR safety tips to Ray Dunaway on WTIC AM radio.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=SSH5JpAh&fullwindow=true


Meet one gentleman who was cured by Dr. Robert Piorkowski after he was diagnosed with Melanoma.  The story from NBC CT.  http://youtu.be/-4PrLkHzDz0?list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA


Dr. Kelly Johnson-Arbor sat down with WFSB, Ch. 3 Anchor, Kim Lucey to talk about safety over the 4th of July holiday weekend.  Everything from barbeque's to fireworks to sunburn protection.  http://www.wfsb.com/story/25897678/having-fun-this-july-4-while-being-safe


Dr. Robert Levitz was interviewed by NBC CT reporter Amy Parmenter about the latest case of Measles in CT.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zn2g5-sP9o&list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA&feature=share&index=2



Dr. Robert Levitz was interviewed by NBC CT Reporter, Amy Parmenter about the 5th case of Measles in CT.  http://www.nbcconnecticut.com/on-air/as-seen-on/Health-Official-Confirm-Measles-Outbreak_Hartford-264654741.html


Dr. Vasanth Kainkaryam sat down with NBC CT Anchor Amanda Raus to talk about summer pains - how to protect yourself from poison ivy, insect bites and sunburn.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMRQ-icuVFM&feature=share&list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA


Prior to playing in the Travelers Championship, PGA-Golfer Erik Compton took time out to visit with transplant patients at Hartford Hospital.  Compton, is a two-time heart transplant recipient himself.  The story from ESPN and The Golf Channel.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YM-UEZjGl6I&list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA&feature=share&index=9




NBC News 4 in New York aired an interview with Dr. David Tolin about excessive hoarding.  http://youtu.be/w8r2LU5Wy8M


FOX CT Anchor, Brent Harden interviews Dr. Blaise Worden about the effects of hoarding.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRKJGFhuyWY&list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA&feature=share&index=5


Dr. Pavlos Papasavas and his patient who underwent weight loss surgery are featured on FOX CT to discuss the dramatic results, and a new study underway for additional benefits of weight loss surgery in the future.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=z73TJ80t&fullwindow=true 


Did you know that 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with Autism?  Those are the latest numbers according to a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Dr. Laura Saunders is the guest of John Dankosky on WNPR's "Where We Live" to talk about Autism.  http://wnpr.org/post/caring-those-autism-spectrum


Dr. D'Andrea Joseph sits down with NBC CT to discuss an event to raise money for the Interval House and domestic violence.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=n3NXLfW4&fullwindow=true


Hartford Hospital was the first in Connecticut to use Fibroscan® technology - a painless alternative to liver biopsy for evaluating the stage of liver fibrosis in patients with Hepatitis C, B, and fatty liver diseases.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=vVn1ciAm&fullwindow=true


Dr. Kent Stahl joins the Ray Dunaway show on WTIC AM to discuss Hartford HealthCare Medical Group's Access Initiative - an easy, quick way to schedule a doctor's appointment.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=N0R1z4ev&fullwindow=true 


Young women developing deep vein thrombosis or DVT.  Hear the story from NBC CT about how one teenager's life was saved at Hartford Hospital after she developed a blood clot in her lung.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=o67Fow8j&fullwindow=true


A new device that is helping doctors at Hartford Hospital treat patients with an abnormal heart rhythm.  The story from News 8.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=4WaBzVjs&fullwindow=true


Dr. Jack Ross sits down with Colin McEnroe on WNPR to discuss everything you need to know about MERS.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=X2XpRz60&fullwindow=true


Dr. Kelly Johnson-Arbor discusses "Wound Care 101" with NBC CT anchor Amanda Raus.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddAdC7YS-f0&feature=share&list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA


Dr. Jason Lee's office is busy this allergy season as a result of a harsh, cold winter stirring up severe allergies in patients.  The story on WFSB, Ch. 3.  http://www.wfsb.com/story/25544333/allergy-season-affecting-people-throughout-the-state



Dr. Laura Saunders assists the NBC CT Troubleshooters investigation team in a story about bullying. Learn about the signs of bullying and what you can do about it.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsW5k1M7q_M&list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA&feature=share



How much is too much sun?  Can you get skin cancer from a tanning bed?  How can you protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays?  Watch Dr. Christina Wai dispel the myths surrounding skin cancer on FOX CT. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zL-IOSoLOU&feature=share&list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA



A very special delivery on Mother's Day for one local mom and her family.  Watch this heartwarming story on FOX CT.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02JEFyW7pBw&list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA&feature=share&index=3

Dr. Laura Saunders discusses on Ch. 3 how fellow classmates can help cope with the tragedy of the teenager killed in a car accident in Bolton.  http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=10150055 


Dr. Sheila Gately is interviewed live on NBC CT to talk about Women's Health Week and how women can take care of themselves.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uW5B95rY79I&feature=share&list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA


Dr. Hank Schwartz discusses bipolar disorder on News 8.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgTm481O4ps&list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA&feature=share&index=2  


The Epilepsy Center is featured on News 8 and how one young woman overcame the struggles of living with this condition.  Dr. Erica Schuyler discusses her case.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68jV4we26tw&list=UUCylJlwDUqHs9ahvmeuCZiA&feature=share&index=1


Dr. Jack Ross explains what you need to know about bacterial meningitis on FOX CT.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=vYZBGuMp&fullwindow=true


Dr. Raveen Mehendru explains "Active Psychosis" on WFSB, Ch. 3.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=JwHx4J4M&fullwindow=true


Hartford Hospital and the Interval House have launched a campaign targeting teen violence, "Love Shouldn't Hurt."  The announcement was featured on News 8.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=90kd1XQT&fullwindow=true


The Flu season is winding down.  Dr. Jack Ross explains on WFSB, Ch. 3.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=ynNeBMPM&fullwindow=true


Do you know the signs of teen dating abuse?  Dr. Laura Saunders sits down with News 8 Reporter Bob Wilson to explain the warning signs of teen dating violence.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=4d2udwwK&fullwindow=true


Researchers at the Institute of Living are targeting the so-called ‘worry circuit’ of the brain in a Phase I clinical trial for people with generalized anxiety disorder or GAD. The story was featured on WTNH, Ch. 8.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=5kBiGs9t&fullwindow=true


Beth Cheney was interviewed by Ch. 3 about Butterbur, a supplement used to treat migraines. http://www.wfsb.com/story/25310708/doctors-butterbur-a-good-treatment-for-migraine-pain


Dr. Kelly Johnson-Arbor was interviewed about a Vermont teenager was transferred nearly 4 hours to HH for treatment in the hyperbaric chamber after suffering CO poisoning while off-roading with his friends on Sunday.http://touch.wtnh.com/r2640/fe5a6b4c

Beth Cheney, Nurse Practitioner at Hartford Hospital talks about spring cleaning your health with news anchor Hena Daniels on WFSB, Ch. 3. http://www.wfsb.com/story/25058103/spring-is-time-to-clean-up-your-health 


Kidney stones are on the rise.  Find out why and what you can do to prevent this painful condition on WFSB, Ch. 3. http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=10016348


Laser hair removal is gaining popularity as we approach the summer months.  WFSB Anchor Irene O'Connor takes a look at the treatment offered at Hartford Healthcare MedSpa.  http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=10064706


A touching story of a 4th grade student who donated 150 handmade hats to the Helen and Harry Gray Cancer Center at Hartford Hospital.  Mary Grace Golinski was so inspired by her teacher who died of Cancer that she wanted to do something in her honor.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=4KuiV560&fullwindow=true

News 8 Reporter Bob Wilson features a training exercise at the Center for Education, Simulation and Innovation (CESI) at Hartford Hospital. A group of military personnel and physicians were practicing surgery and rescue operations in an austere environment.  http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=5X3AA0hj&fullwindow=true


Hartford Healthcare's new $110 million bone and joint institute that will reshape Hartford Hospital's campus.  http://www.hartfordbusiness.com/article/20140407/PRINTEDITION/304039933

Dr. Jeffrey Morganstern discusses the rise in kidney stones with WFSB Anchor, Irene O'Connor.  http://www.wfsb.com/video?clipId=10016348&autostart=true


The incredible story of how Dr. Jason Gluck and his team saved a young woman's life after complications from a UTI.


Dr. Len Jacobs on News 8 discussing how Hartford Hospital is leading the way when it comes to responding to mass casualty incidents.  Hartford Hospital became the first in the nation to install bleeding control bags in all main areas of the hospital.http://media.harthosp.org:80/ermweb/player?id=C3x84We2&width=853&height=480&autoplay=true&fullwindow=true 



Dr. Maria Johnson on FOX CT discussing colon cancer.  http://foxct.com/2014/03/26/colon-cancer-awareness-month/


Dr. Raveen Mehendru on the Colin McEnroe show on WNPR. The topic was hearing voices.  http://m.wnpr.org/?utm_referrer=#mobile/18996



Dr. Paul Thompson interviewed by the Wall Street Journal on runners and coronary artery disease.  http://online.wsj.com/news/article_email/SB10001424052702303949704579461381883678174-lMyQjAxMTA0MDIwNjEyNDYyWj


Dr. Charles McKay was interviewed by Ch. 3 Reporter Jill Konopka about the rise in heroin-related deaths. http://www.wfsb.com/story/24969638/police-crack-down-on-new-potent-form-of-heroin

Dr. Hank Schwartz interview on WNPR yesterday discussing the Peter Lanza interview.


A pregnant woman was brought to HH after exposure to carbon monoxide. She and her baby are fine after being treated in the hyperbaric chamber. We had Dr. Kelly Johnson-Arbor interview with WTNH and WFSB about CO poisoning and how we use hyperbaric therapy for treatment.



Dr. Jack Ross on Ch. 8 to talk with Medical Reporter Jocelyn Maminta about the two cases of the measles in Fairfield County. http://touch.wtnh.com/r2640/982ef791


Dr. Laura Saunders interviewed by Ch. 3 reporter Susan Raff on the father of Adam Lanza's interview. The story aired at 5 p.m.



Dr. Inam Kureshi interviewed with News 8 Reporter Bob Wilson on brain injuries sustained in victims of the "knockout game." Lawmakers are looking to impose stiff penalties on those who participate in the game of randomly knocking out people. http://touch.wtnh.com/r2640/f70b1078

Dr. Heather Einstein is interviewed live on Ch. 3 discussing women who have the BRCA 1 gene.



Watch Dr. Steven Zweibel on WFSB, Ch. 3 as he becomes the first Electrophysiologist in the state to implant a new cardiac monitor (Medtronic Reveal LINQ.) These devices are used to detect arrhythmias like atrial fibrillation, which can cause palpitations, passing out, and stroke.



Dr. Inam Kureshi discusses sports and concussions



Watch Dr. Steven Zweibel on WFSB, Ch. 3 as he becomes the first Electrophysiologist in the state to implant a new cardiac monitor (Medtronic Reveal LINQ.) These devices are used to detect arrhythmias like atrial fibrillation, which can cause palpitations, passing out, and stroke. http://media.harthosp.org/ermweb/player?id= 38mS7Plw




Dr. Heather Einstein is interviewed live on Ch. 3 discussing women who have the BRCA 1 gene. http://media.harthosp.org/ermweb/player?id= a0WqWBLK


Dr. Hank Schwartz on WTNH, News 8 was interviewed by reporter Jocelyn Maminta yesterday on the topic of suicide.

Dr. Andy Salner on WFSB, Channel 3 discusses a study that found diets high in protein can lead to premature death.


Dr. Darren Tischler on WTIC AM radio discussing a study underway at the Genetics Research Center how patients respond to weight loss surgery.  The research will identify specific genes that can help doctors make treatment genetically specific to each patient. http://media.harthosp.org/ermweb/player?id=kdBBD913   


Can exercising in the cold weather help you lose even more weight? Dr. Spencer Erman weighs in…Watch his interview on Ch. 3. 

Money At Root Of Mental Health Care Woes with Dr. Hank Schwartz

Can exercising in the cold weather make you lose weight faster? Dr. Spencer Erman weighs in. The story aired on Wednesday night on Ch. 3.

Dr. Laura Saunders on WFSB discussing Facebook obsessions.


CT Science and Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network work demonstrating speed skating.

Drs. Andrew Salner and Kelly Johnson Arbor discuss medical marijuana dosing for cancer patients.

Dr. J. Craig Allen from Rushford was interviewed about a Yale study identifying new treatment for substance abuse.

Dr. Eric Crespo discusses Anterior Fibrillation and his patient successfully treated for the condition. 
Dr. Laura Saunders, Institute of Living psychologist, discusses teenagers and anxiety over social media on WFSB, Ch. 3.

Dr. Louise McCullough on News 8 discussing guidelines released for women and stroke. Dr. McCullough was vice chair of the committee that instituted the guidelines for women.

Features Dr. Gualberto Ruano, Director of the Genetics Research Center at Hartford Hospital, and Dr. Harold Schwartz, Psychiatrist-in-Chief at the IOL.

Dr. Hank Schwartz was interviewed by News 8 Reporter Jocelyn Maminta on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and how to overcome the condition.

Dr. Tom Nowicki of Hartford Hospital discusses shoveling safety especially for those with heart conditions.

Dr. Subramani Seetharama of Hartford Hospital discusses a link between professional football players and neurodegenerative disorders on FoxCT.