Suicide (Prevention) Notes

The Suicide (Prevention) Notes newsletter is a monthly publication discussing suicide-related articles that appear in published journals/articles.

Note: Due to copyright laws, we are unable to provide links to full journal articles. However, we hope that you will pursue accessing the full article independently.

Title of Paper
May 2015 Shame as a Prospective Predictor of Self-inflicted Injury in Borderline Personality Disorder: A Multi-modal Analysis
Oct. 2014 Effects of Suicide Bereavement on Mental Health and Suicide Risk
Jul. 2014 Differential change in specific depressive symptoms during antidepressant medication or cognitive therapy
Jun. 2014 Treatment-Resistant Depression and Risk of Suicide
Jun. 2014
What Depression Does to Our Minds When It Attacks
May 2014 What Do We Know About Suicidality in Autism Spectrum Disorders? A Systematic Review
May 2014
Protecting Adolescents From Self-Harm: A Critical Review of Intervention Studies
Apr. 2014
A Review of Suicidiality in Persons with Intellectual Disability
Mar. 2014 Effectiveness of brief intervention and contact for suicide attempters: a randomized controlled trial in five countries
Jan. 2014
Chronic Pain and the Interpersonal Theory of Suicide
Dec. 2013 Suicidal Risk Factors in Bipolar I and II Disorder Patients
Nov. 2013 Last Call
Oct. 2013 Clinical assessment and crisis intervention for the suicidal bipolar disorder patient
Sep. 2013 Chronic Physical Conditions and Their Association with First Onset of Suicidal Behavior in the World Mental Health Surveys
Aug. 2013 Decreased Risk of Suicides and Attempts during Long‐term Lithium Treatment: A Meta‐analytic Review (A CLASSIC)
Jul. 2013
Relief of Expressed Suicidal Intent by ECT: A Consortium for Research in ECT Study
Jun. 2013 Predictors of Prospectively Examined Suicide Attempts Among Youth With Bipolar Disorder
May 2013 Clinical and Psychosocial Predictors of Suicide Attempts and Nonsuicidal Self-­‐Injury in the Adolescent Depression Antidepressants and Psychotherapy Trial (ADAPT)
Apr. 2013 Risk Factors For Medically Serious Suicide Attempts: Evidence For A Psychodynamic Formulation Of Suicidal Crisis
Mar. 2013 Preventing Youth Suicide: Time to Ask How
Feb. 2013 Effect of acute alcohol use on the lethality of suicide attempts in patients with mood disorders
Jan. 2013 Responding to Clinicians After Loss of a Patient to Suicide.