Classes & Events
Adoption Support Group
    For all those impacted by adoption. Parents, adult adoptees, birth parents. This is a forum for support and sharing.
Autism Peer Parent Support Group
    Peer Parent Support Group for those with Children on the Spectrum
Dementia Educational & Support Group
    An educational and support group that brings together those who want guidance, direction and support through this journey.
Depression - An Introduction to the Disorder
    For family members and friends of individuals who suffer from depression.
L.G.B.T.Q. Support Group
    This is a support group for 16-23 year-olds who identify LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, questioning) issues as being prominent in their lives.
Managing Schizophrenia
    Information and discussion about how to handle and manage the difficulties that arise with schizophrenia.
Mental Health First Aid
    Hartford Hospital invites you to an 8 hour course designed to teach you the signs and symptoms of mental illness and then how to get someone help using an action plan. At the end of the course you will be certified as a Mental Health First Aider.
On Campus: Helping College Students with their Mental Health
    A Focus on Suicide Prevention - On Campus is an annual outreach event for colleges and universities in the state of Connecticut and southern Massachusetts. This event is open to Deans of Students, Directors of Residential Life, Directors of Counseling, Directors of Student Health Services, and Resident Assistants.
Social Support Group for LGBTQ Issues
    A support group for 16-23 year-olds who identify LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, questioning) issues as being prominent in their lives.
Support Group for Families Dealing with Major Mental Illness
    A program for family and friends of individuals who have Schizophrenia, Bipolar or other related mental illnesses. Share your struggles. Learn to care for yourself while you are caring for others.
Support Group for Siblings Dealing with Major Mental Illness
    This is a group for siblings of those struggling with mental illness.
Support Group for Survivors of Suicide
    A support group for those who have lost someone close to them to suicide.
Un Grupo de Apoyo Para Las Familias Hispanas (Spanish Family Support Group)
    Este es un grupo de apoyo para las familias que hablan espanol y que estan preocupados con los asuntos de la salud mental. (This is a group geared toward supporting and educating friends and family members of those dealing with mental health issues.)
Understanding Men’s Sexual and Psychological Health
    Hartford Hospital’s Tallwood Urology & Kidney Institute invites you to a free educational seminar on Men’s Health. This program will focus on Men’s Sexual and Psychological Health.
Understanding Peyronie’s Disease
    Hartford Hospital invites you to learn about Peyronie's Disease diagnosis and treatment options.
Bereavement Support Group in Spanish (Grupo de Apoyo a los Enlutados)
    Open to Spanish-speaking families and caregivers who have lost a loved one. (El grupo se reunirá el primer y tercer lunes de cada mes)
Class of 2011 Presentation Series (Institute of Living Professional Education)
    This professional education activity for Residents supports the Institute's goal of clinical excellence and presents clinically relevant information from a variety of mental health disciplines.
Compulsive Hoarding
    Learn about the phenomenon of compulsive hoarding, a common and potentially disabling problem.
Counseling and Stress Management Service - Individual Counseling
    One-to-one counseling with a health psychologist for people struggling with psychological issues related to a medical illness.
Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance
    A peer-run support group for those who have been diagnosed with depression and/or bipolar disorder.
Medical/Psychiatric Young Adult Services Psychotherapy Group
    The supportive psychotherapy group is designed for young adults age 17-26 struggling with a new diagnosis, chronic medical conditions or physical symptoms or limitations.
Memory Problems
    Learn about causes, treatments and prevention of memory problems
Myths, Minds & Medicine Exhibit
    A permanent exhibition on The Institute of Living's history and treatment of psychiatric illnesses.
Peer Support Group
    A peer-run support group for those who are experiencing mental illness.
Psychopharmacology/Neuroscience Rounds
    This series focuses on applied psychopharmacology and research on brain structure and function.
Schizophrenia Anonymous
    A peer-run support group for those who have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia.
Stress Management for Cardiac Patients - A 6-Week Group
    Recommended for cardiac patients interested in improving their skills to manage stress and is facilitated by a counselor from Hartford Hospital’s Behavioral Cardiology Program.