studentsFrom current & former students and employer surveys

I was very prepared for my boards by the way! You run an EXCELLENT program and it has prepared me for my job as well as the boards themselves.
(Joe Fiorenzano, class of 2010)

The Radiation Therapy Program at Hartford Hospital taught me the skills for a rewarding career. The program also helped to prepare me for future endeavors in the world of Radiation Therapy. I wouldn't have chosen any other program. I am proud to be a graduate of the Hartford Hospital Radiation Therapy Program."
(Jared Scroggins, Class of 2006)

“The program is as demanding and comprehensive as I imagined it would be. Though at times I wonder how I will make it through the two years, I know I will be a competent therapist when I graduate. All of the courses are occupationally specific, and we are placed in a clinical setting from the start, so we know what to expect and will be well prepared for our future occupations. The program director and clinical coordinator are extremely thorough and supportive in every way. I could have enrolled in other programs to which I was accepted, but I chose Hartford because I knew it had the reputation of being one of the best programs in the country. As a junior student, with 7 ½ months behind me, I can’t imagine there being a better program anywhere. The entire staff is professional, supportive, and active in making sure we get the best education possible. This program is my whole life now, and you should expect to make it yours for two years because there is no room for outside distractions. It is a big commitment to be the best.”
(Bill Bunke, Class of 2005)

“I think it’s an awesome program…I felt very prepared, competent, and qualified to begin work. I had no reservations about starting work and felt I could have gone to any facility and more than hold my own.”
(Peter LaValley, Class of 2002) 

“The program was challenging and very well-rounded.”
(Sherri Dressler, Class of 2001)

“I was very impressed with the ability of the entry-level staff member. She exhibited a sense of professionalism along with confidence in her clinical abilities. She makes appropriate decisions regarding patients and their needs. After one year, I have come to rely on her as an integral part of my growing team.”
(Employer Survey, Class of 2001 Graduate)

“No recommendations needed. Already it is an amazing program. It is also noted among the therapy profession as being one of the best schools. I know this because even in Boston they rave about the program.”
(1-Year Graduate Evaluation, Class of 2001)

ximatron room“We could not ask anything more of Michelle. She is a true professional and is always upbeat with all members of staff and patients. She is an asset to our department. I feel that Hartford Hospital does a wonderful job in preparing the students for their working situation. Thank you for that!!”
(Employer Survey, Class of 2000 Graduate)
“In my opinion, Robert is an exceptional therapist. He is highly valued by our hospital for his knowledge and skill level as a therapist. It should also be noted that he has taken on added responsibilities in the department without hesitation and with a positive attitude.”
(Employer Survey, Class of 2000 Graduate)