Phlebotomy is defined as an 'incision into a vein' and is one of the oldest medical procedures dating back to the early Egyptians.

Today, Phlebotomy plays a key role in laboratory testing and patient care. It is widely accepted that the quality of a laboratory test is only as good as the specimen that was obtained.
To achieve this level of quality requires as highly trained professional. Due to the increase and complexity of laboratory testing and the need to increase the efficiency and cost effectiveness of health care, phlebotomy had become a very highly specialized area of clinical laboratory practice.
The Phlebotomy program in the Hartford Hospital School of Allied Health is offered twice a year for 15 weeks. The program is offered as a didactic or academic course to prepare students for certification and also includes an intensive hands-on laboratory component to prepare students for jobs as phlebotomists.

What does a Phlebotomist do?
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