“We can superimpose thousands of small fields of radiation to sculpt the beam around a solid tumor,” says Andrew L. Salner, M.D., director of Hartford Hospital’s Cancer Program. 
The da Vinci System is the first “intuitive” endoscopic robot. It offers surgeons and patients the best of both worlds: it has the benefits of a minimally invasive procedure, but it gives surgeons the ability to see what they’re working with as clearly as if they were performing open surgery.
As a collegiate soccer player, Marissa Arnold knows that second chances on the field are rare. But, thanks to Hartford Hospital's high-tech medicine, the 20-year-old junior at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Mass., got far more than another shot on goal. Thanks to Hartford Hospital, she got a second chance at life after a massive stroke.

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The first in the state, Hartford Hospital’s LightSpeed VCT scanner is many times faster than conventional multi-slice CT (“CAT”) scanners.The VCT (the “V” stands for volume) represents a significant technological leap in coverage area, image clarity and speed, creating spectacular three-dimensional views of organs, arteries and veins.
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